About Our Classes

The Arts Hub (HUB) strives to become a cutting-edge arts education organization, promoting creative exploration, healthy artistic pursuits and the development of artistic endeavors with real-world applications. The Arts HUB Arts Education Programs, taught by caring, trained staff, offer activities that balance practical and creative benefits. Practical skill development, opportunities for creative application, and opportunities for appropriate risk-taking in a safe environment, help to build an enjoyment of the arts, competencies, and confidence.

Access to quality guest instructors provides exposure to a variety of instruction styles for students and helps to keep The HUB experience dynamic.The HUB Staff encourage and inspire students to fully apply their talents to artistic pursuits while maintaining healthy instructional approaches at the core of what they do. They support a high-quality presentation of student’s work through resources devoted to quality “framing” of student work, e.g. matting student artwork when possible, providing opportunities for quality exhibition of artwork, using professional theatrical elements for theater productions, and providing opportunities for students to have “real” audiences whenever possible.

The Arts Hub facility supports its educational arts program activities in both form and function. The facility provides activity rooms with supportive features. The grounds of the HUB property contain a sculpture garden, playground, murals, patio and a future HUB Outdoor Performance Space, all of which provide opportunities to enhance the arts curriculum and provide the general public with personal artistic development opportunities.

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Class Policies


Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).


Classes without sufficient enrollment prior to the first class date will be canceled. If a class or workshop is canceled by The HUB, students are entitled to a full refund, a tuition credit, or may transfer to another class, space permitting.


Refunds will be issued within 2-3 weeks after cancellation.

Withdrawal from a Class

Students may obtain a refund less a 10% of total tuition handling fee if withdrawal notification is received (5) working days prior to the first day of the class. A credit may be obtained after this point, less a $15 handling fee and cost of any class attended. If you are ineligible for a refund, please call The HUB for information about using your unused tuition as a tax-deductible donation. Classes are transferable if a request is made five (5) working days prior to the first class. A parent may submit a written request for a partial tuition refund in the event that unforeseeable circumstances arise such as extreme illness or family death, but the determination of whether a refund is issued or not is at the discretion of the administrator.


Students may join in after the class has begun for a pro-rated tuition, provided there is space available and instructor permission is given. Instructors will not allow students to join in dance classes after about mid-session due to lack of enough time to properly prepare the student for that session’s dance concert. Inquire in the office for the exact date that no new dance class registrations will be taken

Missed Classes

Classes missed by students will not be rescheduled or refunded. Classes missed by the instructor will be made up or credited to the student’s account.


With space available and instructor permission, students may drop in on a class after registering and paying a drop in rate.


  • The HUB staff will only administer prescription medications if written approval and instructions are left by the parent. Any prescription medication must be in its original container and labeled with the child’s name, physician’s name, distributing pharmacy, medication name and dosage.
  • Any nonprescription medication to be administered at the center such as Tylenol or cough syrup must be provided by a parent and be accompanied by written approval and instructions for use.
  • All medications will be held in the office.

Release of Children

There must be written authorization by the child’s parent or guardian for any other adult to pick up their child.


Smoking is not permitted in the building. Cleanup is everyone’s responsibility. Please throw all trash in receptacles provided. Students are required to remove any personal property from The HUB at the end of each class. TAU is not responsible for lost/stolen items. Students must respect TAU property, including art, furnishings, equipment, and supplies. Students and visitors must walk while in the building.

Student Behavior in the Classroom

The HUB reserves the right to ask a disruptive student to leave. Tuition will not be refunded for disruptive behavior. Only currently registered students may use The HUB studios and equipment, and only during the period (duration of class) for which the student is registered. Students are not allowed in the studios between classes without permission.

Inclement Weather

We rely on the Boulder Valley School District’s website to decide on class cancellations during inclement weather. Go to BVSD.org to see if schools are closed. If schools are closed, our classes are canceled. There are no makeup classes.

Permission to Photograph

Photographers may take pictures during classes and special events to capture images for The HUB archives and use in publicity materials. If you do not wish you (or your child if that is who is participating in The HUB activity) to be photographed, please indicate so in writing.