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Dance Classes for ALL Ages, Including Adults!

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All of The HUB dance classes are high quality, encouraging students to stretch their abilities, yet respecting their individual rates of development. The HUB Dance Program offers the ability for all dancers to get solid, progressive dance skill development and to use those leveled skills in a standard Dance Recital in December, as well as another uniquely created dance theater production adaptation in May (Aladdin, May 2020).

The Dance Theater model not only provides opportunities for students to present the dance skills they have acquired during the course of a semester, but dance students also learn many more performance skills while being a part of the creation of a cohesive story. i.e. production integration, stage presence, teamwork, theatrical timing, acting through dance, working with elaborate stage elements such as sets, specialty lighting, props, sound and character costumes.

Every class will perform to their own approximately 2-3 minute piece of music that integrates with the Dance Theater story. They are also incorporated for at least a couple other group scenes in the show. The Junior Performance Company (JPC- approximate ages 6-8), Intermediate Performance Company (IPC- approximate ages 9-12) and the Senior Performance Company (SPC- approximate ages 13+) will have additional highlighted dances in the Dance Theater performances. See below for audition information and requirements for these groups.

We at The Arts Hub keep costs in mind.  As such, we are able to offer our dance recital costumes for a low rental fee of $25 for each class.  Show tickets will go on sale approximately one to two months prior to performances.

Information on Dance Classes

Individual classes meet once a week.  Students will be recommended for an appropriate level each year.  Instructors vary teaching methods and choreography in order to keep classes fresh and interesting while reinforcing skills. Students may take a single class or as many different classes as they want for a very broad dance background. Classes are scheduled in such a way as to allow students to take Ballet and Jazz and/or Hip Hop and Tap classes back-to-back for a reduced cost.  Our adult program includes Aerial and Tap classes.

Aerial Dance Classes

Image result for aerial dance classes stock photoAerial dance classes are now available at the Arts Hub.  Instructor Maristel (Tel) Mannsz has danced professionally, has a Bachelors Degree in Contemporary dance and formal education on multiple aerial apparatus.  Tel has substantial experience in both performing and teaching aerial dance.




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Performance Companies

Auditions to determine eligibility for these groups will be held on Saturday, August 10th.  Please see our home page or Performance Company page for more information.