Attendance Policy and Etiquette

As with any program, steady attendance is a requirement for success.  Guardians are responsible for communicating absences to the dance studio office or instructor directly.  Students are expected to arrive to class on time and prepared with proper attire, hair pulled back, and with a positive attitude.

The Arts Hub is lined up with the Boulder County School system. When school is out, dance is out.  Days that students are sent home from school due to Inclement Weather, students will also not have dance class that afternoon. The Arts Hub will offer make up days if the school system sets a make up day for school.

There is no class on the following holidays/breaks:

Veterans’ Day

Week of Thanksgiving:  November 24th-30th

Holiday Break: December 16th-January 5th

Make-up Classes:
Missed classes may be made up within four weeks, in an appropriate class of the student’s choice.

Schedule Changes or Dropping Classes:

The office must be notified prior to changing a class schedule, or when discontinuing a class.  All fees are due until the office is notified of any class being dropped.

Studio Rules for Parents:

  • All young children must be supervised. No running, yelling or rough playing.
  • In order to maintain the comfort, privacy, and productivity of our students, our studio policy is that no videos or photos can be taken by observers during weekly classes without permission.
  • Help keep the common areas clean and tidy. Please throw away all trash.
  • We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive, inclusive environment among our dances and families.  We ask that all students and families refrain from offensive language or inappropriate conversations.

Studio Rules for Dancers:

  • Dancers need adequate time in order to be physically and mentally prepared for the demands of the dance class.
  • It is recommended that students arrive early in order to get a drink, go to the bathroom, get warmed up and be dressed properly.
  • No gum in class.
  • No cell phones are authorized for use during class.
  • Be respectful to other dancers, instructors, and staff.
  • If injured, tell instructor prior to calls.  Work slowly and carefully, or observe as your doctor allows.
  • If ill, please do not spread infection to others.  You may make up the class within a month of missing.
  • If you must leave early, please notify the instructor prior to class.
  • When leaving the studio, students must remove dance shoes and cover-up their dance clothes or change prior to leaving. Do not go outside during cooler weather without a warm-up. It is important to control the cooling process to avoid injury. In addition, please respect your art by keeping your dance attire confined to the studio.
  • Come with a positive attitude and ready to learn.  We are excited to have you!
  • No running, yelling or rough playing at the dance studio.
  • Help keep your studio clean and tidy. Please throw away all trash.

For age 13 and up:

  • As an older dancer and role model, inappropriate conversations or negative discussions are not allowed in front of younger dancers.
  • It is the dancer’s responsibility to manage their time so that dance, schoolwork and other outside activities do not conflict.