Theater Program

Our Current Theater Season at a Glance

The Arts HUB Youth Musical Theater Program offers four age-appropriate divisions of production offerings; programs for grades 1-4, grades 4-8 and grades 7-12. There are fall musical theater productions, spring musical theater productions and musical theater summer camps offered for each age group every year. The progression of the full program provides a graduated development of challenge to youth actors. The Arts HUB program will soon be expanding to offering classes aimed at specific skill development. Signing up for The Arts HUB newsletters is the best way to keep up-to-date with production and audition information.

The Arts HUB theatrical productions are high quality, exposing young actors to professional sets, makeup, costumes, sound, lights, and stage. Participants are held to high standards, yet with the understanding of their needs as youth actors. Every theatrical experience offers opportunities for development in many areas; dance & movement, vocal & music, acting & vocal projection, social, memorization, and others.

People who grow up involved in theater know…

  1. Success doesn’t come without hard work.
  2. Getting into character teaches empathy.
  3. Spontaneity is in their blood.
  4. They are top-rate problem-solvers.
  5. Thinking on their feet is their specialty.
  6. Learning how to deal with disappointment (if not always getting exact role desired) taught them how to cope and that things can turn out well, even if certain circumstances are not expected.


This program is heavily dependent on parent volunteer helpers. There are many opportunities for parents to contribute, from help with sewing of costumes to helping with move-in of large set pieces. The theatrical productions always prove to be a strong community bonding experience. Participating on any level enhances the overall experience for both youth actors and their parents.