Mission & Values

The Arts HUB is committed to growing a strong arts community by connecting and providing opportunities for diverse populations through a wide-range of engaging arts services.

The HUB will accomplish this mission by: 

  1. Ensuring that underserved populations are provided opportunities to participate in programs and incubating cross-cultural understanding and communication exchange
  2. Growing individual’s awareness, participation, appreciation, and enjoyment of the arts
  3. Building a strong, thriving and spirited arts community

What Makes The HUB Unique?

Community Arts Ecosystem

Exposure to several different art forms at the HUB inspires a sense of community and appreciation for all of the arts. Walking down the HUB halls stimulates creative thinking while getting a view of dance classes, theater rehearsals and art classes going on at the same time.  A Community Arts Ecosystem, with distinct, separate parts that are also interconnected and mutually supportive is emerging through the HUB model.

Quality Instructors

The HUB has aligned with highly accomplished artists and performers to offer a full complement of classes. Our instructors range from acclaimed Broadway performers to credentialed visual arts teachers and experienced dance and film instructors.

Age Appropriate Instructionaudience

The HUB looks for exceptional instructors that are knowledgeable in their area of expertise, good at providing engaging learning experiences for targeted age groupings and that have a good understanding of child development for those instructors teaching youth classes. This can be a difficult mix of qualities to find, but a primary goal of TAH.  Programming targeting adults at the HUB also aspires to engage and challenge participants on their level that has genuine mass appeal.

Shared Spaces

Including quality programming that appeals to adults, youth and participants from diverse socio-economic backgrounds completes the full Arts Ecosystem model, allowing youth and all participants to see that spaces that are meaningful to them are also genuinely valued by adults and individuals from different backgrounds.  Adults and youth and individuals with diverse backgrounds that find meaningful connections in the same space can develop authentic insights and points of possible connection with each other.  The HUB goal is to create a space that aesthetically and programmatically appeals equally to both adults and youth and to individuals from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

Curriculum Development

Ongoing curriculum evaluation and development ensure that TAH will continually be renewed with a vibrant freshness while building on the “gold standard” activities that work well. Our core programming targets activities with mass appeal and that follow best practice models in arts education.

Nurturing Creative Agility

The HUB offers opportunities for participants to be exposed to the work of a variety of artists to help expand their own creative thinking and development. The HUB works to delicately nurture confidence in developing the artistic talents of students, knowing there is a sensitive balance of offering solid skill development techniques with openness to unique ways of acquiring skill, while also facilitating the development of creative agility in individuals.  HUB participants are exposed to unique arts exhibits, events, professional artist activities and other offerings in order to provide inspirational sparks of connection to a wide variety of ideas.  Finding creative connections is an important step towards finding meaning and passion in all life experiences.

Real Audiences

The HUB works to inspire kids, youth and adults to develop valuable creative and technical skills by offering opportunities to share their work with real-world audiences. This allows students to feel the value that others have for their work.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Arts HUB pledges not to discriminate against any employee, volunteer, program participant, or other, on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, affiliation or disability.